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Best Colorado Photographer

Best Colorado Photographer is a website that I put together to showcase Colorado photographers. The concept was to provide a place for people to find a group of quality photographers. I wanted a highly searchable site where portfolios from similar photographers could be compared easily. The customer could then go to the photographers site to discuss further details with them personally. I’ve incorporated Google Ads on this site to help pay for my time in putting it together.

Ahiska Home Care

Ahiska Home Care is a company that provides resources for people to be able to care for their aging loved ones in their home. They wanted a simple site that could provide their customers with basic information about their services.

Talia J. Kauk Photography

TaliaSiens.com is a portfolio website that showcases my real estate and architectural photography portfolio. I wanted something that had separated galleries for the different types of images I take. This site is a sister site to TaliaJKauk.com.

Fix It Gentry

This is a very simple site I put together for the Fix It Gentry IT services. This site was a simple design that reflected their current site.

A Rod’s Journey


Two Little Hoots


Spirit Fingers


Access Event Photography